Why do we dine-out?

Why do we dine-out? Seems a very vague question. Maybe it is, but what if we try to answer it. What makes us like a certain restaurant? Is it the taste of the food? This might seem a probable answer. But obviously there can be more to it. Friendly staff, great ambience, timely service…. the overall experience? As we at Butlrr embark to serve our customers, we are surrounded by these questions which don’t have ‘right’ answers to them. So, what do we value most when we dine-out?

Many of us would say food taste. Try to remember the amazing candle light dinner date you had, that crazy party with your friends. How many of us remember the taste of food? We might remember if the taste was pathetic but how many would trade-off a good timely service and a courteous staff for good taste. When dining out, it has to be a complete experience to make it memorable. But it really depends on the kind of person and occasion.

Now imagine how many of us would go for a trending restaurant which is not rated highly on food? It will make sense to visit at least once, right?

In terms of service, are we Indians very easy to satisfy? That is how the industry operates right now with not much focus on service, or is it that the birth of new age restaurants is redefining the service benchmarks. But is the customer changing? Have we become more demanding?

Of course, we want our customers to have great food and amazing experience but the balance is not always met. Restaurants will always have their own identity and the diners will have to decide which restaurant meets their requirement for a particular occasion, depending on the diner preferences. But who knows these preferences? Who knows about the occasion? Who knows what will be the perfect place to visit and what to order? Who can help you take the ‘right’ decision?

Lets answer all these questions with a single solution, Butlrr. Because we are always at your service.

Why do we dine-out?

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