Confessions of a Foodie

I am a common guy next door. A guy who doesn’t have a routine in life but has a routine that he calls life. A typical day consist of waking up — > getting ready–> going to office –> doing the routine work –> coming back home –> do some household related monotonous but necessary chores –> have dinner –> think about “how your life could have been.. if only..!!”–> doze off. Amidst this bland schedule, we all look for something that helps us rejuvenate, something that brings the kick in our life, something that soothes that otherwise tired soul. So people do things, things what they love to do; some listen to music, some watch movies, some go for dates, some go for workout etc. I, on the other hand, find my peace in food. heard it right!! I live to eat. I feel satiated, relieved, rejuvenated, even kind of orgasmic!! of course mentally 🙂 when I dig in some quality food.

I love to experiment, try new varieties and apart from the home-made food that of course is always welcome, I am always on the lookout for something new or different. I go to different places to try new cuisines, because I can’t stick to a thing for long. But at times, I do feel confused because with the number of restaurants mushrooming up in every nook and corner of the city and with each of them having a fancy menu of their own, its difficult to make out whats going to suit my taste and what not. I feel bad if I don’t find a food to my liking and its like feeling cheated after going on a blind date. But even a guy like me doesn’t know whats in store for me when I order something new because a dish with the same name can be sweet, tangy or spicy or god knows what depending upon the place. I wish for a guide at times, one that can guide me through, one that can suggest me things that suit my taste and can avoid my experience going bad.

I can’t help experimenting with my food, I hate playing safe all the time but finding the food ordered not up to my expectations hurts me. I feel proud of being a foodie and I don’t prefer to call up my friends every now and then to know what place around is worth my money and what exactly to eat there. I want to feel independent, to be a  kind of person who knows exactly what to eat at what place so that my rendezvous with food – the love of my life never turns out to be a disappointment.

I google at times to gain insights, or I look around for apps. But amongst these plethora of apps available in the market and corresponding opinions of the people, its difficult to know on whom to rely. I look for genuine insights, honest opinions from actual foodies who know how to rate and what to rate and that too after having had the experience and not from someone who writes for fun or through some vicarious experience. I want something personal, something genuine, something that can be relied upon. I crave for a personal advisor..probably a Butlrr!!

Confessions of a Foodie

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